jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

leve-1- unit 4 what are you doing?

This is our lesson fron unit 4.

my classmates?

Maria Soto http://myfirstblogforurbe.blogspot.com/
Desiree Martinez http://desiree1418.blogspot.com/
Giovanni Gabriel http://gio-linck.blogspot.com/
Inès Urdaneta http://ineskurdaneta.blogspot.com/
Darien Barreto http://darienbarreto.blogspot.com/
Naively Pulido http://naively-lazucarmorena.blogspot.com/
Jeniree Carrasquero http://jeniree-carrasquero.blogspot.com/
Gabriel Barrios http://barrios-gabriel.blogspot.com/
Maria Mucarsel http://majomucar.blogspot.com/
Dayana Quintero http://dayanaquintero-dayanaquintero.blogspot.com/
Andrea Vilchez http://andreanvb16.blogspot.com/
Salvatore Di Pasquale
Mariangel Carvajal http://maricarvajal.blogspot.com/
Brigitt Alburgue http://balburgue.blogspot.com/
Mariangel Carvajal http://maricarvajal.blogspot.com/
Jennifer Primera http://jenniferprimeraromero.blogspot.com/
Michele Rodas http://maiker2.blogspot.com/
Jhoselyn Barreto http://jhoselynbarreto.blogspot.com/
Marines Hernandez

to Gio
for Giovanni

Happy Father's Day are a great dad
and without you I would not have become what I am today
thanks for giving me life old

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

 about me

Añadir leyenda
hi there my name is Giovanni Peligno but you can call me Gio , in fron Maracaibo originally, I live in Maracaibo, in valle claro , I´m nineteen year´s old, and i study integral education at U.R.B.E, My favorit subjets is Music and Logic , i´m taken 5 class this trimenster and i am in the third (3re) trimenster 

I love Play acustic,electric and bass guitar and drums , my favorite band is "dream theater" and my faorite song is "Endless Sacrifice" 

and ... I Hate!! justin bieber is the worst in the word!